Upbeat Promotions Price Match Policy

Upbeat prides itself on quality of service.  We understand how important your brand is to you, and that’s why we try to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with everything we work on for you.

We ask our customers to consider more than just the price when they look at quotes from their suppliers.  Although providing corporate clothing and promotional merchandise seems like a straightforward ask, there are usually lots of options to choose from and steps along the way where things might go wrong.  The knowledge that you’ve got someone else working on your branding  – someone that knows you have deadlines, and will treat your brand with care – is value that is hard to measure.  But it’s something we add to every order and quote request.

We’re pretty sure that our quotes will equal or beat the industry norm every time.
However, our competitors will occasionally offer lower pricing on what appear to be identical items.  If you show us a lower quote on an identical item and service, we’ll match it (if we can*).
And then we’ll shave off a bit extra as a show of goodwill.

Paul Mackie
General Manager, Upbeat Promotions Pty. Ltd.

* The “if-we-can” fine print:

Often competitive products and services are not identical, despite looking like they are! When comparing quotes, we’ll look carefully to confirm whether the products are the same, or at least comparable.  Furthermore, sometimes the nature and the quality of the decoration services might differ, and this too can affect the price.  You can always ask us to look at the different forms of printing and make a recommendation, according to your needs and budget.

There may be occasions when we can’t match a competitor’s quote.  For example, if they are running a clearance sale on existing stock, or using it as a “loss leader”, as part of a larger order or set of orders.  Another might be if they are using a product or printing technique that will produce a result that is not good enough for Upbeat to associate its name with!

Regardless, we will always try to match prices.  In those cases where we can’t, we’ll explain why, so that at least you’ll be able to make an informed decision.